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Show Me Christmas, Corporate Style

by Kathy Becky |

Midland is growing…. growing…. growing! Our companies are growing, enlarging and relocating with the booming oil business, fueling our local and state economy. What an awesome opportunity for us to help them during the Christmas season to create a welcoming holiday atmosphere for their teams, customers, family and friends!

This new office complex was built with Austin stone, beautiful sleek floors and rustic iron. The new interior created a wonderful neutral background, accented with dark wood furniture and rich leather sofa's and chairs. As the holiday season approached a team of employees came into Miss Cayce's Christmas Store to shop for a Christmas tree theme or color story for their new building. After perusing the many vignettes and tree designs the group agreed that a warm traditional theme is what they wanted. The "Red Platinum Christmas Tree Theme" was a perfect choice! 

Show Me Decorating Tip: When deciding on new Christmas tree decorations, choose a tree theme or color story to narrow your choices.


Show Me Decorating's Corporate Christmas #christmastrees #christmasdecor #christmasideas #redgreenandsilver


Show Me Decorating's Corporate Christmas #christmastrees #christmasdecor #christmasideas #redgreenandsilver


The two story atrium included a modern industrial staircase and banister. Faux lit garland was a great choice and the lights would show at night! The simplicity of the staircase called for simplicity in the Christmas decorations, large bows that coordinated with the tree decor and oversized red and platinum ornaments were the perfect choice. They were placed at the draped point of the garland.

Show Me Decorating Tip: Use zip ties to attach the faux green garlands to the banister to avoid damage or scratching to the finish.


An oversized velvet tree skirt was the finishing touch to a beautiful tree. Now Santa needs to fill it with presents for all!


Show Me Decorating's Corporate Christmas #christmastrees #christmasdecor #christmasideas #redgreenandsilver


The Red Platinum tree theme is carried out with the 3 Show Me Decorating Key ingredients, Bows, Balls and Florals! 

Show Me Decorating Tip: Faux garlands can be installed early in the holiday season with no fear of messy needles and cleanup! It is also a great investment to be used year to year.


Show Me Decorating's Corporate Christmas #christmastrees #christmasdecor #christmasideas #redgreenandsilver


Experience has shown us that business settings fare well with traditional Red and Green, just don't forget the sparkle!!!

The addition of fresh red poinsettia bushes encircling the large faux ficus tree is a foil to the eye and all the greenery appears real!


Happy Decorating Y'all!

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