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Show Me: Haunting Halloween Decorating

by Kathy Becky |

Hurry, scurry and don't delay…...Show Me Haunting Halloween Decorating!

Are you Halloween Decorating challenged? Don't be afraid we are here to Show You the way!

Step 1: Start with a theme and color story!

Theme: Halloween/Witches

Color story: orange & black with a dash of purple

Now that we have our theme and color story let's go Shopping! Hop on your broom because
Miss Cayce's Christmas Store, home of Show Me Decorating, is open for their 30th season! Or visit our Show Me Decorating website.

Halloween DIY Decorations and Inspiration #halloween #diy


Step 2: Select your location to decorate. An entry table, sofa table, bar, island or bookshelf.

We chose a distressed sofa table.


Halloween DIY Decorations and Inspiration with a village set up! #halloween #diy #halloweenvillage


.Step 3: Choose your focal objects to decorate with, like Dept. 56 Halloween villages.

We love decorating for the holidays or seasons with Dept. 56 Villages, in smaller groupings throughout the house.

The Halloween Witch Hollow houses, coordinate with our theme.


Halloween DIY Decorations and Inspiration #halloween #diy


Step 4: Clear off the surface area leaving any current lamps or possibly adding lamps. 


Halloween DIY Decorations and Inspiration #halloween #diy


Step 5: A cute Halloween table runner, adds color and the foundation for creating the haunting Halloween display.

Step 6: Add height with books, cake stands, bricks or glass blocks.


Halloween DIY Decorations and Inspiration #halloween #diy


Step 7: Add the houses, place one on the book stack, and group the other 

two with trees and accessories.  

Show Me Decorating Tip: Think in 3's, 3 houses, 3 pumpkins, 3 halloween figurines….




Continue to decorate remembering your theme, adding signs with witch sayings like this: "Would a Bad Witch Wear Shoes This Fabulous?" Or add a witches boot and a black lit tree.  


Halloween DIY Decorations and Inspiration #halloween #diy


Look down, our sofa table has a shelf to accessorize! A witch pillow, purple broomstick

and hat compliment our witch theme. 

The pop of purple adds whimsy to the traditional orange and black. 


Halloween DIY Decorations and Inspiration #halloween #diy


Look up! Don't miss the lamps and/or wall, or in our case, door backdrop! The purple beaded "Boo" sign is light weight and easy to hang. Add the finishing touch with ribbon tied to the lamp finials, holding the "Some of my best friends are witches" sign and lightweight purple spider web.


Now hurry! Halloween will be here fast...Happy Decorating Y'all!

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