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Show Me: 3 Fast and Fun Halloween Greetings!

by Kathy Becky |


Halloween is 1 week away! Short on time? Show Me Decorating to the rescue. Don't be scared, these 3 Fast and Fun Halloween greetings will be ready when the tricker or treaters ring your doorbell!
Start with a theme and color story, this narrows your choices and helps you plan and buy.
Choose a focal area in your home or entryway. Choose key ingredients, garlands, signs, ribbon etc.


 Easy Halloween decor for front entry table!

 The theme of this entryway table is Happy Halloween and the color story takes inspiration from the cute sign!


Easy #diy Halloween decor for entry table


First, place the green twister garland on your table, and add the candy corn picks

Next you will need some Show Me Decorating Halloween ribbon. Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to tie around your lamp shade, leaving extra to hold your bow in place. Tie one regular loops and tails bow and 3 half bows. Then add your glittery pumpkins!

Download the Show Me Decorating App to learn how to tie the perfect bow!


Easy #diy Halloween decor for entry table


Now add your own decorating style! Stay with your theme or color story. We chose to stay with our color story of traditional Halloween: purple, green, and orange. Go simple by just adding a "Happy Halloween" wooden sign to the table. Bite me sign and bat finish off the lamp!


Easy #diy Halloween decor for entry table


Or you could add these Halloween serving dishes and create a candy bar!

Using the same key ingredients, (garland, ribbon, and floral picks) enjoy more Halloween inspiration!


Easy Halloween decor for front entry table!

Easy #diy Halloween decor for entry table


Make a spooky spider theme. Just add a large spider and change your ribbon to this spider web pattern!

Easy Halloween decor for front entry table!

#diy halloween decorations for your lamps! so easy and simple!


Make it a witchy theme! Wire a small broomstick and sign to your lampshade, topped off with a bow!  Pose a witch figurine on the pumpkin, can't you just hear her cackle!


Trick or treat…. give me something good to eat! 

Happy Halloween Y'all!!


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